International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church

 Sunday November 1, 2020 Join us in praying for persecuted Christians  click here JOIN A GLOBAL PRAYER MOVEMENT INTERNATIONAL  DAY OF  PRAYER FOR PERSECUTED CHRISTIANS PRAYER The most common request of persecuted Christians is “PRAY FOR US.” One of the ways we answer their request is through participation on the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church (IDOP), which we observe on the first Sunday of November each year. We urge Christians worldwide to pray throughout the year for those who suffer because of their Christian witness. Each year VOM produces an IDOP Resource Kit which includes marketing materials, prayer points via a PowerPoint presentation and a video. This year’s video focuses on Jeanette in Central African Republic. This video can be used during a church service, small-group meeting or Sunday school class to inform and encourage believers to pray. On 1 November, share this video with your church to help inspire every Christian to pray for our persecuted fami
  Why Pray?


WELCOME TO FRANKSTON CHURCH of CHRIST 'THRIVE in PRAYER' ROOM We believe in the POWER of PRAYER We believe in the God who answers PRAYER We believe that we have access to the throne of God ... as we PRAY to the FATHER in the name of the SON in the power of the HOLY SPIRIT  This blog will give you access to current prayer needs, as well as update you on strategies for prayer. It will also provide you with a place where you can submit prayer requests ― general for public awareness or personal needs of a confidential nature. Prayer is foundational  to the  ministry of Frankston Church of Christ.    PURPOSES: The purposes of the Frankston Church of Christ are: BELONG –  Building Community   Connecting people to a place they can call home. BELIEVE – Experiencing God  Creating an environment where people can know Jesus personally. BECOME – Life Transformation Encouraging people to grow to be more like Jesus. BLESS – Making


Dear praying people of  Frankston Church of Christ Already this year … we have had the LEAP into a CALL to PRAYER … we have had the ISOLATION CALL to PRAYER … we need to continue to  THRIVE on PRAYER ...  so now it is time for us to ZOOM into a CALL to PRAYER …     At 7.00 pm on Thursday November 5   there will be a  'THRIVE in PRAYER' - ZOOM gathering.     If you would like to be part of this ' THRIVE in PRAYER' - ZOOM gathering   then please log in via the link below T he ZOOM link below will work on your computer, tablet or smartphone.  link to added soon In the next two POSTS you will find some prayer categories (e.g. isolates, missions etc) and protocols (e.g. late login) for us to follow. This gathering will last for 40 minutes.  The first 5 minutes will allow people to log in and greet one another.  The next 5 minutes will be a song or two with a focus on worshipful prayer.  The next 25 minutes will be focused


PROTOCOLS Please make sure that you have read and understand everything below which will help guide us through our 'THRIVE in PRAYER' ZOOM GATHERING We will have 40 minutes altogether. ·         The first 5 minutes will allow people to log in and greet one another. ·         The next 5 minutes will be a song or two as a call towards worshipful prayer. ·         The next 30 minutes will be focused prayer and the last 5 minutes will be time for feedback and farewells. ·         We will open the prayer time after the music and we will also conclude the prayer-time at the right time. ·         If you log in after the first five minutes, please be aware that we may be praying already if the music has stopped. Please join in as outlined in this briefing. When you pray during this 'THRIVE in PRAYER' ZOOM GATHERING, please speak clearly so that others can hear you. If you wish to mute your video so you cannot be seen that’s fine. ·